like a kite on a string

'til you cut through my tether and changed everything.

1 December
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love, rain o'er me..

howdy my name is rebekah. i'm just girl who's trying to make sense of this thing called "life". i'm learning everyday how to live and love and to be loved. i'm learning that there is a world around me and a world filled with broken people like myself who needs someone to put the pieces back together. i'm a 22 year old college student who is majoring in web design. i'm also a girl who loves music with a passion and who is learning to play this thing called the guitar. i also enjoy a good movie, a good book, and a good tv show. some of those tv shows include: house, bones, lost, and the office. i'm a big daydreamer, usually my mind is somewhere else, like sitting in a coffee shop in new york city, because one day i will spend my time in cities like that. i have a fetish for big boisterous cities. i also like a guy named tom hanks. i love photography, i love taking pictures whenever i get a good opportunity. i think art is the best form of communication. most importantly, i'm also a follower of jesus christ, the revolutionary.

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